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Upload Offers & View Leads

An easy way

to upload brand offers/coupons and know which of your brand ads pulling leads

Frodoe1 makes it easy for you to invest in creating campaigns that help sell your products - Free for 6 months

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Do you know which ad in your recent campaign has pulled "leads?"

Our analytics will tell you which ad pulled leads. And what keyword where used by customers before they saw this ad

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Where have the leads come from? And for what models / products?

Marketing & product managers will be keen to know which product is being searched for & purchased in which geography

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Why spend your marketing budget to make a deal-site popular?

Deal sites lower your brand value by commoditizing your offering. Invest your budget in your website. Generate demand

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Backlinks will move your business forward. Find out how

Like you need connections with people, your website needs more connections with other websites for your business to grow.