Compile, Categorize Customer Ads

Frodoe compiles, categorizes your print, digital, radio, TV ads into its database. The ads are displayed as results to customer queries in our search pages

Enrich ad information

Next, we provide relevant information that customers might look for, but isn't provided in the ad. E.g. when a car is advertised, we provide information on specifications

Link Ad to Search Engines

Frodoe massages your ad with keywords that customers are likely to use while searching for your product / service. This ensures a page-1 listing of ad, in search engine result pages

Amplify Linkage & Reach of Ad

Frodoe also promotes your ad through blogs, FB, Pinterest & Twitter. This amplifies reach and increases chances of your ad getting a premium organic listing in search engine result pages

Expand ad-base

Whatever the breadth of your product range (e.g. 18 models of cars, 50 models of dining sets) Frodoe lists them all. This facilitates cross-selling, when they get displayed as a result/s in a category search

Expand ad variety

Advertisements can be run as offer ads, coupons, deals, contests or testimonials. Frodoe's in-house content & SEO team will ensure their promotion

Close "list-link" loop with "leads"

Frodoe closes the list-link loop by delivering "leads." It provides accurate dealer information like address, phone numbers etc. This information can be downloaded as SMS by customers. This is your lead.

Ensure Pre-qualified leads

Once a customer downloads the SMS of dealer details, our call center staff calls the customer and confirms interest on the advertised product or service. The lead is now pre-qualified

Provide Lead Alerts to Sales

An auto-alert system in the CRM then passes the pre-qualified lead on to your sales team in the showroom, for follow-up and closure.

Deliver Metrics

Analytics that will give you insights into how your ads are performing will be provided on a monthly or quarterly basis. The objective is to help you tweak the mix of message and media so as to increase sales & market share